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The first five minutes after a wedding are often my favorite.

It's real and done and nothing else matters. There's an energy shift that takes place once you’ve exchanged vows and sealed it with a kiss.

It's during those precious moments when I'm most grateful that I decided to parlay my childhood hobby into my life's work - capturing the beauty and gorgeous extravagance of weddings and documenting the intimacy of love stories.

Pop the Champagne! You’re MARRIED!!! 



I shoot for the conversation. The beautiful back-and-forth, ebb-and-flow of the connections you have with those you do life with. I want to honor those relationships by capturing moments in real time - letting your story, your style, and those you love most inspire the work. 

Your day should be spent celebrating. Not spent saying "cheese" during endless hours of formal photography. You should simply enjoy your day, and know that I'll be there to capture it along the way.

That's why we'll plan out family photographs in advance. When the time comes, we'll breeze through the key photographs and make sure you can get on to cocktail hour if that’s what you prefer!

The rest of the time, you'll find me floating like a friendly presence. I'll be everywhere and nowhere - "invisibly" in the thick of things. Capturing the details, the moments and the emotion of it all.

Moment-driven photography


It was the perfect mix of knowing she was going to be there for us, and her becoming invisible.

Emilia somehow managed to get right in the middle of everyone without letting anyone know. 


I want you to be over-the-moon about the full body of work your day inspired. Not just a couple of Instagram-worthy photos. (But, I mean, of course you’ll get those too!)

I love capturing both people and details, and I pay particular attention to the smallest of things to make sure that the images look the way you want to remember them.

Did your bridesmaids leave their hair ties on their wrists? Did a groomsman lose a boutonniere? Those aren't the kind of details you were hoping to remember, so I'll quickly correct them by providing direction and making adjustments as we go.

a little polish

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She's a hard-worker, talented, organized, and will make sure your wedding is nothing less than first class.

Emilia is almost like a wedding planner AND a photographer.


People never forget how you make them feel, so I also pay attention to the atmosphere of a room. Whether your mom needs a glass of bubbly or your grandmother needs a chair, I want to help everyone feel at ease.

And I'll be there with you at your most vulnerable moments: as you're unpacking your trousseau, as you're putting on your dress, as you're about to walk down the aisle. At these moments, I'm more than your photographer. I'm your friend. Your cheerleader. Your coach.

I'll offer guidance on how to hold your flowers or provide a suggestion on how to wear your hair. My goal is to always be a source of calm and control and to help you feel confident, supported and at ease.

After all, happy people make for the best photos.

Small Gestures

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The life my husband Wil and I are creating now with our son Liam drives me to create photographs that you'll share with your generations to come. 

They are the reason why I seek to capture the flower girl stumbling down the aisle, a father practicing his wedding toast moments before he takes the mic, and a mother choking back tears as her "little one" drives away to begin a new life.

“A photographer is someone who is around you all day, and so it had to be someone I liked. Emilia will make you feel at ease, which will make you look even better in pictures.” -Holly, Bride

things i love

I’ve been trusted to tell their stories. Now, I hope you’ll trust me to tell yours.



Champagne pairs well


fresh cut flowers

make a house a home


mornings at the gym

make for good days



nothing beats a no chip

a new nail color always wins

should be ordered weekly

delivery pizza


red lips 

complete any look



...and so do

Rock studs

lists make

life livable


and oysters should always be





come along

For more of my work, life behind the scenes, travels, champagne, and black and white stripes (#onbrand), join me on Instagram at emiliajane_.


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